Group Auchan SA is a billion-dollar enterprise in retail sector and a multinational corporation founded by Gérard Mulliez head quartered at Croix, France with branches in more than 15 countries. It has 639 hypermarkets and around 2900 supermarkets across the globe. With the presence in more than 15 countries, it has an employee count of more than 338,000 as of 2017. Apart from Auchan, Mulliez family also owns number of other renowned companies like Decathlon, Norauto, Leroy Merlin, Groupe Adeo, Boulanger, Philader, Accord bank, Kiabi and many more.


As a retailer, it is essential for a client to do a periodic inspections and audits in terms of store compliance and operations. The client performed these inspections completely using pen and paper and the report has to be generated for the executed inspections where in the inspectors / Auditors will do the administrative tasks by re typing all these information in PPT or their report format and will send it to the respective persons which was a laborious process.

  • Not having a system in place for taking photographs during the inspections was getting quite infuriating. With there being no form of evidence available for complaints whatsoever, the company’s ability to make decisions was being hindered.
  • Auditors or Inspectors took way too long to make reports of their audits and inspections. This inefficient activity would take consume a lot of time as it was a recurring activity.
  • The company did not have much information on the initiations or approvals of audits and inspections.
    There was no way to retrieve that information as well.
  • Anything in Auchan’s supermarkets or hypermarkets that was against their compliance policy needed to
    be managed well and resolved quickly. These issues weren’t being closed on time.
  • Whenever a task would be identified by an inspector or auditor, it would not be delegated immediately to
    the respective staff in-charge. The process would wait for a report to be generated, approvals to come
    before they would be delegated.
  • The whole point of initiating store audits or inspections is to collect information on the brand’s
    performance in terms of its compliance, customer satisfaction, image, etc. The data received by Auchan
    wasn’t being managed properly and 06 lots of it was being lost.


By seeing the above pain areas, SHLOKLABS approached Auchan and promised to automate the complete life cycle with customizable work flow as SHLOKLABS has a vast experience in providing the digital transformation solutions and for Auchan the solution has been given using Pro-Inspector suite.

  • Pro-Inspector is a digital transformation suite that digitize end to end life cycle of inspections, audits and field services. The solution was provided to Auchan in the below methodology which gave them 100% compliance. Solution was implemented to them in the form of 3 components namely Back office, mobility & user portal.
  • With the Back-office component, Auchan stakeholders can manage all the admin features like configurations management, master data, check lists management, access level management, document management, Global view dashboard and etc.
  • Mobility platform can be used by Auchan’s Auditors & Inspectors, etc., to perform the Inspections & Audits that have been scheduled by the head office. Unlike manual process all the checklist can be digitally configured and the
    photographs can be taken against the non conformance from the device itself.
  • At the end of each inspections report will be generated instantly and can be send to the respective persons from the location itself. All the data from the mobility will get sync with Back office and the results can be seen in real time. It
    will work both online as well as offline. All the technicians, vendors or the internal resources of Auchan can update the operational data using this portal and the tasks can be managed using this portal itself


  • Uniform quality and standards maintained across the stores. 
  • Systematic & Quicker Inspections based on checklists.
  • Gathering media evidence made every simple and quick.
  • Calculations and Complex formulas can be handled easily.
  • Unique dashboard maintenance that displays the overall result of the inspection and non conformity points.
  • 0% preparation time, as technical specification pertaining to the concerned inspection is available.
  • History of previous inspections in finger tips.
  • Multi user login availability with the restricted access control.
  • Inspection time reduced from 1 hour to 20 minutes.
  • 360-degree inspection information.
  • Cost and time involved in doing an inspection is substantially reduced.


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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