Key Features

Audit Software That Simplifies Health & Safety

Pro-Inspector offers complete set of Health and Safety solutions modules that cover
all the aspects of a leading safety program and aids organizations in meeting their safety goals.


Safeguard Employees at Workplace

✔️ Incident/Accident Reporting
✔️ Work Permit Management
✔️ Industrial Hygiene Management
✔️ Hazard Exposure Assessment


Track and Report Safety Measures

✔️ Observations and Hazards
✔️ OSHA Reporting
✔️ Near Miss Tracking
✔️ Action Plans

Draw Insights and Meet Compliance

✔️ Root Cause Analysis
✔️ Compliance Monitoring
✔️ Regulatory Maintenance
✔️ Continuous Process Improvement

A World of Risk Management Tools at Your Fingertips

Pro-Inspector offers a complete set of Risk Management software applications that address all aspects of a top performing safety program and help organizations meet their unique safety goals.


Proactive Risk Assessment

✔️ IProcess Hazard Analysis
✔️ Work Permit Management
✔️ Hazard Exposure Management
✔️ Root Cause Analysis


Track Safety Hazards

✔️ Incident/Accident Reporting
✔️ Assessment Forms
✔️ Injury Management
✔️ Compliance Monitoring

Empower Workforce

✔️ Regulatory Maintenance
✔️ Action Plans
✔️ Near-Miss Tracking
✔️ Observations and Violations

Audit software that simplifies Environmental Management Software

Pro-Inspector offers complete set of risk management modules that help you systematically find, review and reduce risks, pursue improvement opportunities and aids organizations in centralizing their risk management program.

Ensure Consistent Compliance

✔️ Regulatory Compliance
✔️ Compliance Assurance
✔️ Action Plan

Bring Process Visibility

✔️ Asset Tracking System
✔️ Waste Management
✔️ Aspects & Impacts Management
✔️ Injury/Accident Reporting

Mitigate Paperwork

✔️ Permits Management
✔️ Violation Management
✔️ Automated Reports
✔️ Documents Management

Audit Software That Simplifies Quality Management Systems

Pro-Inspector offers complete set of QMS management modules that help you systematically reduce risks, pursue improvement opportunities and aids organizations in meeting their quality standards.

Ensure Consistent Compliance

✔️ Audit Management
✔️ Product Management
✔️ Risk Assessment
✔️ Automated Work Reports

Bring Standardization to Procedures

✔️ Document Management
✔️ Defects Monitoring
✔️ Supplier Quality Assurance
✔️Action Plans

Ensure Maximum Compliance

✔️ Non-conformance Reporting
✔️ Regulatory Maintenance
✔️ Continual Improvement
✔️Trend Analysis

Clients' Testimonials

Pro-Inspector is an excellent platform to create all our Inspections and Audit solutions. It is so user friendly for the end users. It aids to create project specific solutions in no time.

Muthiah Subramanian, Senior Manager - B&F Division

With Pro-Inspector it’s no longer up to me to create the inspection and collect the signatures from the inspector and manager, now I don’t need to print the report on paper and send it to the customer

Fátima, Administrative

We worked in a “paper environment” now with Pro-Inspector it’s a digital environment” a new era, totally different process, much more practical, much faster, but especially secure.

João, Certified Technician

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