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Are you a retailer/franchiser looking for essential software solution to streamline your business? Here is the performance based software system built exclusively for retailers/franchisors.


Cash handling, high standard service, and well presented stores is the most common challenge faced by most of the retailer’s. Retaining workforce and maintaining seasonal peaks could also be challenging. When it comes to  franchising sector, coping with regulatory standards is highly important for your path to success. Another critical component is to handle smooth relationship between franchisees and franchisor.

The above challenges can be simplified and automated with our completely smart  franchise management software. With our retail store audits you can assure that consistency is managed in every process. Our software solution will automate bulk hiring during seasonal peaks. PRO- Inspector helps franchisors to keep track of interaction, log field visits, and view important all in one place. This will increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Some of the Advantages

Employee theft, damaged items, and inventory mismatches can all cost you money. Know what’s causing shrinkage and where to look for it, whether it’s in stores, by implementing regular checks with the audit software so problems can be rectified quickly.

Deliver a better experience for your customers and stay consistent by tracking everything from your service, employee training, launch of a new product and much more digitally with  retail store audit app.

A genuine review from an authentic client is what makes you better. With Retail Inspection software, conduct surveys to know how exactly your customer feels about your brand, and how you can enhance your brand.

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