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Still worried about managing the risk at your organization? Stop worrying we have got the best  risk assessment software that can be the right solution for managing your organization’s risk. We have completely covered you with our integrated and elevated risk management solution. Our safety management system helps you to identify, assess, respond, monitor and mitigate high risk within clicks.

Your risk management journey begins here

Consolidate your  risk and hazard management process, including identification, assessment, control and review within a streamlined system.

Your Risk Management Journey Begins Here
Proactive Risk Assessment

Proactive Risk Assessment

PRO-Inspector’s risk assessment software helps you to analyze and resolve safety hazards within your workplace. With the help of our best risk management solution, stakeholders across the entire organization can perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards. Safety activities such as inspections, incidents, and safety observation processes can be done within the application. Using our consolidated view you can easily analyze the root cause of the issue and resolve them with on spot.

Track Safety Hazards

Using our safety inspection app you can automate compliance monitoring and reduce your risk by getting your stakeholders engaged in the hazard reporting. PRO-Inspector’s safety management tool encourages your workers to easily report and acknowledge risks in the workplace. The reported hazards can be used to reduce the risk of injuries and incidents.

Empower Workforce

Our safety management system helps you to gain risk coverage by easily linking controls and mitigating activities being performed by audit or compliance. Creating and assigning action plans with a single click is possible with our application. Action plans are managed with speed and efficiency which leverage built-in workflows. Instantly resolve issue and automatically follow-up outstanding task.


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