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Empower your fleet to transport safely and efficiently. Inspect in minutes, collect insightful data, monitor procedures, send reports, identify discrepancies and resolve issues. Pro- Inspector provides visibility and productivity to help maintain and innovate safety and quality standards across the board!

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Client's Testimonials

Pro-Inspector is an excellent platform to create all our Inspections and Audit solutions. It is so user friendly for the end users. It aids to create project specific solutions in no time.

Muthiah Subramanian, Senior Manager - B&F Division

With Pro-Inspector it’s no longer up to me to create the inspection and collect the signatures from the inspector and manager, now I don’t need to print the report on paper and send it to the customer

Fátima, Administrative

We worked in a “paper environment” now with Pro-Inspector it’s a digital environment” a new era, totally different process, much more practical, much faster, but especially secure.

João, Certified Technician

“Our experience with Pro-Inspector has been fantastic. The platform perfectly suited our business needs. The technical team provided excellent support in customizing to our needs. This led to successful implementation of Rack Audit App which resulted in speedy and accurate auditing of complex racking systems”

Unnikrishnan N Head - Technology and Design Head

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