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About The Customer

Testcert is a leading gas certification company accredited by the Institute of Accreditation Portugal. Based in Caxias-Portugal, the client focuses on providing an innovative inspection system with control dates and high quality standards, which ensures the satisfaction of their customers. The client handles more than 15,000 gas inspections per year.

Challenges Faced

The client’s business has continued to evolve over time, and its certification service needed to undergo the next phase of evolution in order to process, issue reports and certificates very quickly. The client looked to Pro-Inspector to help eliminate their paperwork needed while increasing the number of inspection jobs completed per day and issue the certification on site just after the inspection. The client was looking to boost efficiency of its day to day inspection business. The entire procedure of recording a client request, processing information, scheduling inspections and providing required information to the inspectors took long time. Thus slack time needed to be accommodated in the system.

Solutions Provided

The client has been using Pro-Inspector from January 2014. Less than a month into production and the client realized drastic improvements in inspection quality & efficiency of field inspectors. Now the client offers better quality of service to their clients. Pro inspector has greatly enabled the client to reduce operational costs & eliminate paper work.

Advantages of the Mobile Audit Software solution provided

Pro-Inspector is a digital platform for inspections and audits. The tool simplifies the auditing process by making it easy for anyone to effectively manage safety and quality standards from a mobile device. Front line workers are empowered to report issues quickly to prevent incidents due to inefficiency and limited visibility. Industries wanting to effectively boost productivity and visibility through digitization have had a lot of impact on Pro-Inspector’s growth.
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Implemented solutions in 5+ countries, & 10+ industries

Over 15,000+ active users across the globe

One million inspections executed every year

Number of self-inspections rasied by 40%

Employee productivity raised by 60%

Increased and improved process compliance by 75%

Reduction in administrative work by 80%

Help create a paperwork free environment by 100%

What our Client's Say


“I am absolutely happy with Pro-Inspector solution from SHLOKLABS with Apple iPads Mini and Zetes Zebra Mobile Printers! I strongly recommend Pro-Inspector for any company in the Gas-Inspection Business.”

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