One platform for inspections & audits across all functions in the retail industry

Achieve operational excellence, superior custom experience & boost team productivity!

Franchisee Audits

  • Store Audits or Franchisee Audits by Managers or Regional Managers
  • Realtime rating of Stores based on Audit Scores (Top 10, Bottom 10)
  • Stores access Tasks via Portal and App and collaborate in real time to track every single task to closure
  • Analytics to Identify patterns and problems…

Operational Checks & Inspections at Stores

  • Stores do their own Checks & Inspections every day
  • Mechandising Program Complance Verifications
  • Daily Equipment Inspections
  • Daily Safety & Security Inspections
  • Branding and Signage Checks
  • Cleanliness & Maintenance Checks
  • Beginning of Day (BoD) and End of Day (EoD) Checks

Internal Audits & Compliance​

  • Do your internal audits for compliance against ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 27000, etc.
  • Internal Organizational Process Audits
  • Regulatory compliance Audits

Key Features

Do your inspection on Smart Phones , Tablets or PC

Plan Audits and Inspections Easily

Plan and schedule your annual audits at ease. Assigned auditors are notified via push notifications.

Create Your Own Checklists and Forms​

Create your own custom inspection checklists and forms and maintain all your organizational checklists in one single repository.

Configure Inspection Workflow

Approve completed inspections in accordance to your organization workflow

Create Tasks and Non-Conformities

Review inspections easily and be precise in reporting non-conformance

Follow Approval Cycle

Superiors verify completed tasks before they are closed

Automatic Reports

Generate inspection reports within minutes with complete information about the WBS data, inspection data. Further details like when and by whom an inspection was approved

Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard analytics provide you a complete performance transparency of your organization

Push Notifications

Push notifications play a vital role in ensuring seamless communication between team members​


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