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About the Customer

Bureau Veritas is the world leader in gas inspections. Established in 1828, the client has 1,500 people dedicated to in-service verification alone and all working to the same high standards, with the same rigorous approach, mastering local regulations. With a network of 700 offices/laboratories and over 26,000 employees in more than 140 countries, the client serves 280,000 customers in many different industries across the world.

Challenges Faced

As big as the client is, they still find it difficult to maintain efficiency with the increasing demand. Of course getting more administrative help won't be of use looking at the low margins. This is where they began looking for a solution that can help them with their fast growing business while also being able to escalate in the future.

Solutions Provided

Pro Inspector was approached to provide a solution for the above mentioned Challenges. It was delivered in the form of the Gas Inspector. Pro Inspector has greatly enabled the client to reduce operational costs & eliminate paper work.

Advantages of the Mobile Audit Software solution provided

Pro-Inspector is a digital platform for inspections and audits. The tool simplifies the auditing process by making it easy for anyone to effectively manage safety and quality standards from a mobile device. Front line workers are empowered to report issues quickly to prevent incidents due to inefficiency and limited visibility. Industries wanting to effectively boost productivity and visibility through digitization have had a lot of impact on Pro-Inspector’s growth.
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Implemented solutions in 5+ countries, & 10+ industries

Over 15,000+ active users across the globe

One million inspections executed every year

Number of self-inspections rasied by 40%

Employee productivity raised by 60%

Increased and improved process compliance by 75%

Reduction in administrative work by 80%

Help create a paperwork free environment by 100%

What our Client's Say


“We worked in a ‘paper environment’, but now with Pro-Inspector, it is a digital environment! A new era, totally different process, much more practica;, much faster and especially secure.”

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