IATF Audits Simplified Using Pro Inspector

If you’re into the automotive industry, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about the QMS standard called the IATF 16949. It’s a standard that has got everyone on their feet and running too at that. It is a tricky or dare we say a “hard” standard to comply with compared to its predecessors and we’re here to simplify it for everyone.


Importance of IATF 16949

The IATF or International Automotive Task Force is governed by several OEMs like Ford, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors, etc. who formulate new and certified quality management system standards for the Automotive Industry. In 2016, a globally certified standard for the automotive industry called the IATF and approved by the same 16949 was developed in the supplement to ISO 9001. It is also accepted by other OEMs for its usefulness.

This QMS standard brings importance to areas of the automotive industry that weren’t considered to be of significant importance before. These areas include Company Credibility, Supply Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Defect Prevention, Wastage Reduction, Continual Improvement, Risk Management and Contingency Planning.

IATF 16949 follows a Plan > Do > Check > Actpolicy which is a stricter and efficient approach than the previous similar policy followed by the automotive industry with ISO 16949.

What makes IATF compliance too complex?

As the IATF targets itself to all the requirements of the industry with its larger scope, it is also considered to be the most difficult audit when compared to other audit procedures like EnMS, IMS, OSHAS, etc. The QMS standard requirements of the Automotive Industry are directly governed by the OEM members of IATF. Because of this, the certification bodies are strict to their instructions and span their wings towards the multiple business functions of the industry. Which is why, to receive a certificate and to maintain it further, the companies need disciplined internal auditors and are required follow stricter measures while conducting the manual audits with respect to several clauses of the standard.

These manual audits for IATF 16949 can be time consuming and laborious for many organizations. The whole process of conducting a IATF Audit from Planning > Scheduling > Holding an Opening meeting > Executing the audit with multiple checklists > Holding a Closing meeting > Preparing a GYR Report > Closure of Audit Findings ( NC cycle ) > Reviewing  can take a few weeks or more. Even more time is needed for the company heads to approve them and proceed with necessary actions. As one can clearly see, it is a hectic job and more importantly it’s inevitable for the industry.

BUT, there’s a simple solution. A solution all leaders of the industry are currently implementing – Digitizing the Audit Cycle.


Why digitize IATF audits?

Digitizing the audit cycle of an automotive industry with eliminate all paperwork and make it seamless. The audits themselves become highly organized and accessible increasing efficiency of the organization.


How Pro – inspector helps

Pro Inspector is a proven digital suite for many different industries including the automotive industry and has existed for over 15 years now. It is an enterprise digital system that automates end to end Inspections, audits & Field Service Management for multiple verticals and makes these processes 100% paperless. It ensures that this cycle is completed efficiently, within a stipulated time frame. It is a flexible application that stretches over all electronic platforms like Computers, Web, Android and IOS devices with remote accessibility towards all of them.

Here are some of the many features offered by Pro – Inspector to the automotive industry;

  • Schedule Management
  • Instant GYR reporting with scores
  • Parallel and Sequential Workflow
  • Digital Signatures
  • Push and Email Notifications
  • Dashboard Statistics
  • Photographic Evidence with Annotation
  • Checklists Management
  • Non-Conformities Management
  • Escalation/Remainder Management




With the help of our digital suite, Pre – Schedule and Re – Schedule all your audits. Seek approval from the audit head for all your scheduled audits using the “Schedule Approval” feature. Assign available auditors and change delegation for audits.


Once the approval is provided by the audit head, the designated auditor can start with the business process and record their audit findings in the form of comments and even photographic evidences. The audit process is complete once it has been signed by the responsible auditor. The process may then be accessed anytime by the company head depending on the company workflow.


Within the application, non – conformities can be raised and tracked till they have been resolved. Such tasks may be assigned to the auditor for which due dates can be set as well. The severity and priority of the non – conformity will also be shown alongside the process. Tasks not resolved on the given due date may escalate to higher levels for immediate corrective actions.


When it comes to the reviewing and approving of the assigned audits, the process is carried out seamlessly as per the configured workflow. Both the reviewer and the approver are able to access and check all reports using a “Review all” feature provided within the application. The reviewer and the approver may both choose to approve or reject the audit reports in which case they are reverted back to the specific auditor and asked to be redone.


A GYR report is an industry-standard specific report which is considered to be one of the toughest reports to make manually because of the many different clauses of IATF. It displays and organizes the many business sections and their processes into one accessible report. It gives you all the insights on your checklists and organizes them into the many clauses that need to be complied with the IATF standards as well.


Business Intelligence with Dashboard Statistics


Pro – Inspector’s dashboard feature projects a statistical overview of all the audit findings and especially the non-conformities of an organization which can be tracked and viewed. It supports Trench Charts, Radar Charts, Pie Charts and Bar Charts that help you with different yet specific details that the organization wants to access.


Success Story

Brakes India, a Multi billion-dollar Automotive Corporation has gone digital in respect to IATF audits and in line with Industry (4.0) with the help of Pro – Inspector. They are 100% paperless now. Hear more from them


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