How Simple & Systematic *Digital* Inspections Can Go A Long Way In Preventing ATM Fraud

ATM frauds are of multiple types – skimming, wiretapping, eavesdropping, card-trapping, cash-trapping, false fascias, shimming, black box attacks, bladder bombs (pump skimmers), gas attacks, and deep insert skimmers etc. Similarly, an ATM in Gurugram Noida ,supposedly in a zone frequented by many IT employees where-in a fraudster cloned many cards and waited for the payday of employees. After Payday the fraudster just withdrew lacs and lacs of money.


While ATM manufacturers and cyber security firms continue to identify and fight back against every known form of ATM fraud, an extremely simple but systematic Inspection by the staff who fill in cash every day can help to prevent a major part of these frauds.

Every time the cash team fills up cash in an ATM if they are trained to do a basic inspection, it will go a long way in preventing ATM Fraud.

The ATM Cash executive will carry with him a digital inspection app on his smart phone:


This single inspection at every ATM doesn’t even take more than a couple of minutes. Probably cash executives are being currently trained to do it. The difference this ‘digital’ inspection will bring about is just too massive and can be broken down into 2 major cases,

  • Very Systematic, does not allow anything to be forgotten
  • Recording of evidence (Photographs)

The city Manager or Zonal Manager at any point gets an overall status of all the ATMS under his control and takes necessary actions.

How the Skimmers Work?

While the ATM Manufacturers work to fix this with technology, an extremely solution to this awaits attention. Inspecting the ATM every day is a healthy practice that many banks need to implement within their organization in order to prevent skimming from happening at all.

Skimmers thrive under the ignorance of such banking organizations that are too big to make any quick decisions. They are always on the lookout to exploit any technological barriers that are in place to ease the work of citizens.

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