How Permit to Work Systems get Digitized by Pro Inspector


The work permit system has become a vital part of empowering safety measures in numerous industries. Organizations that have their employees working in dangerous locations or sites are actively looking to improve their permit-to-work systems and Pro Inspector is here to help them.


What is Work Permit?

A work permit is a document form used to authorize the jobs that endanger workers to serious accidents. It acknowledges the work to be done, the hazards involved and the necessary steps and precautions required for the job. These jobs include working in confined or elevated locations to repair, maintain or build structures.


Objectives and Challenges:

The bottom line goal of a work permit system in any company is to prevent accidents from occurring. However, the implementation and management of an active work permit system can prove to be a daunting task by itself. Also, the amount of traveling a work-permit forgoes between different parties is a lot and then there are the waiting times for approvals which make the whole cycle very inefficient and slow-moving.


Even in this day of the digital age, organizations are struggling to find a proper solution to help their case. It is not that the solutions to their problems are scarce, but that the solutions are bad. The difficulties they face in adopting digital solutions are as such:


  • Paper-Based: For a decade, organizations have come to adopt a simple paper-based permit to work system. There’s always a sense of doubt that comes while companies look for solutions that can greatly alter their work process. This makes their transition into complete digitization difficult and limiting.

  • Different Hierarchy: Organizations have come to follow certain steps in the hierarchy of their business processes. It defines their work and helps it move forward with proper overseeing. Existing digital solutions might not consider it as one of their features so they avoid looking further.

  • Different Workflow: Organizations are afraid that the digital solutions they could implement into their business might not follow the same kind of workflow they usually follow. Instead, they would follow a pre-defined workflow within the digital application. This would be a no-go for any organization that follows the permit to work cycle.

  • Retraining: It is already bad enough that organizations spend a lot of time training their staff to function within this cycle. Just the thought of abandoning all that and retraining their employees with a digital solution would convince them otherwise.

  • Sustainability & Scalability: Most organizations that follow a permit to work system are huge. They do a lot of activities simultaneously each day and require software that can handle their large volume and if it is possible to scale the process in the future.


Let Pro Inspector do all the Dangerous Work:

 With the digital suite Pro Inspector and its core work permit management system, a business can benefit greatly. It can streamline its inevitably longer cycle into a much smaller cycle and experience up to 75% more faster and effective workflow. This would be the result of the following features within Pro Inspector that help an organization with managing its safety measures seamlessly:


  • Remote Approvals:  It would be possible to approve work-permit activities remotely over the internet within Pro Inspector. This would speed up the work-permit cycle.

  • Truly Paperless: All activities within a work-permit cycle will no longer require paperwork of any kind. Documentation and Approvals will take place on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

  • Adaptive Workflow: The possibilities are endless with Pro Inspector’s workflow configuration. Organizations don’t need to worry about using default workflows in applications any longer. They can make as many workflows as they want within the application.

  • Organizational Hierarchy: Pro Inspector respects business hierarchy and thus has multiple levels of it to be used by the clients. All employees may only access what’s been allowed to them and no more. Secrecy is maintained.

  • Document Repository: Upload any amount of documents to different locations and retrieve them at any time on your phone while on that location. There’s no need to carry unnecessary documents anymore.

  • Simple UI: Pro Inspector is a sophisticated application but it has a very user-friendly UI that makes using it much easier than it looks. Because of this, employee training is quick and memorable.

Those were some of the most significant features of Pro Inspector in regards to the Work Permit activity. Convinced or not, here’s a link you’re going to need:

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