Digitization of Inspections In Property Management by Pro Inspector


The business of Property Management is the overseeing of properties that belong to different parties and entities. It involves the preservation of a client’s real estate. The property manager acts on behalf of the owner in making decisions to find tenants for income generation or doing repairs on the property as well as the related activities pertaining to property management. The business also involves collection of rent from tenants and regular property inspections to determine the health of the property.


Collapsing Roof

As we all understand, the business of property management comes wrapped up in difficulties. It is a business with many obstacles yet it also holds a certain level of demand within the real estate market. Regular Inspections/checks keep the business healthy and the main issue here is with the property management done by companies involved in the business. Since a property management company doesn’t always manage a single piece of real estate, it needs to execute regular field inspections and gather evidences which are critical in determining the state of the tenants and the property.

What’s shocking is that these field inspections are often carried out using paper checklists/forms that are not so informative in the first place. The task also requires the field inspectors to make multiple visits on an individual property just to get a clear image of the property’s health and tenant’s requirements. The process is extremely slow and inefficient which can cost a company a lot of money in the long run. Below are some major reasons on why this process needs to be addressed and digitized for better performance:

  • Trust: Concrete reports of inspections executed on properties must be regularly sent to clients to keep them informed at all times. When these reports don’t project a full picture, it becomes a major issue.

  • Safety: Safety inspections on properties must always be thorough and efficient as the safety of tenants and the preservation of the property always takes priority. If these inspections are not taken seriously by respective inspectors, it can cause damage.

  • Time: To avoid multiple unnecessary visits to the same property, the field inspectors must thoroughly inspect it and avoid exaggerating or undermining issues at their own judgement. Otherwise it can cause a company a lot a time and human resources.

  • Evidence: This industry thrives on evidence based decision making and thus the evidences need to be proper at all times to avoid any kind of conflict in the future. No detail must be missed.

  • Authenticity: No matter if it is the reports or evidences that are turned in by the field inspectors, they should always be held responsible for the reports they submit and their authenticity must be checked.

  • Data: Lots of data is stored during the multiple inspection visits on a single property but there are always issues in retrieving that data. Missing necessary data is the last concern a business in this industry should have.


Make Pro Inspector Your Manager

Pro – Inspector is a digital suite that can completely digitize an organization’s way of executing audits, inspections and field activities. It is a complete solution-provider that can boost efficiency of inspections and also increase the profitability of an organization by helping manage resources to the best of their abilities.

All the paper checklist inspections will transform into a digital format where they would be accessible and executable right through your browser, tablet or mobile phones. Activity scheduling will take place remotely over the internet and there would no longer be any need to hold opening meetings or briefings. Some other significant features include:


How It Helps

  • Configurable Checklists:

With checklists that can be configured to any form you like, checklists that let you ask any question you like, the potential of field inspections and the scope of the process itself rises to new heights. With extremely specific inspection question, gain an upper hand on your insights and corrective actions!

  • Remote Inspection/Audits Approvals:

Audits/Inspections that get completed are notified via push notifications and available for reviewing and approving by the higher ups within the application. They can be accessed from anywhere and reviewed/approved at the same time. Inspection status can also be viewed by opening the application.

  • Instant Report Generation:

When an audit/inspection gets completed, it will be automatically converted into a report based on an organization’s configuration and sent to higher ups for review/approval. This will save a company a lot of time and make their experience truly paperless.

  • Evidence Capturing:

The application Pro – Inspector has an evidence gathering feature that can allow or force a field inspector to take photographic evidence using their mobile phones or tablet sand annotate them if an answer they provided on the checklist is unsatisfactory. All evidence will be time stamped to make sure only authenticity comes through.

  • Online/Offline Support:

There are times when the real estate of a client is in a remote location where the network connectivity is very poor. In this case, all the available inspection checklists can be downloaded prior to the site visit and there would no longer be any requirement of being connected to the internet.

  • NC Tracking and Closing:

Observations or Non-Conformities can be identified, registered to the respective personnel at any moment during the audit/inspection. They can then be tracked to closure and even escalated further to the higher ups if the NCs are not resolved within the stipulated time.

  • Dedicated Client Portal:

The client portal is an exclusive access given to the property clients of a company. With this, they can view and share the reports of the inspections done on their property remotely.

  • Data Storage and Retrieval:

Pro Inspector stores all the inspection data, checklist data and even the data from reports within its repository to be available to access at any given time. The history of inspections can be retrieved in a single click.

  • Workflow Management:

Manage any amount of workflows that are different in nature with their respective inspections easily. Manage simple workflows like Inspector > Reviewer > Approver or even have parallel workflows for a single inspection.

  • Dashboard Analytics:

Within Pro Inspector’s back office portal, the dashboard can be accessed that shows analytics on all ongoing and recently completed audits/inspections. It provides an organization with deep insights like their “top performing properties”, “bottom performing properties”, etc. It boosts decision making and benefits corrective actions.

  • Geo Fencing:

Geo fencing the inspection will make sure all your field inspectors actually visit the client site for inspection. The checklists will not be allowed to execute unless the inspector reaches within certain proximity of the location.

Those were some of the most significant features of Pro Inspector in regards to the property management business. Convinced or not, here’s a link you’re going to need: https://www.shloklabs.com/




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