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Change the culture of safety in your organization with a digital inspection solution

Operations get simplified to no end with Pro Inspector. It provides the organization with an overview of their functions and performances efficiently and effectively that helps them determine their focus on the corrective actions and continual improvement.

Reduced Inspection Turnaround Time

Seamless Communications Among Teams

Boost Productivity

Ensure Process Compliance

Achieve operational excellence with mobile inspection checklist and safety audit app!

Key Features

Smart Checklists

Don’t limit yourself with predictive and boring paperless checklists. Instead, create new and more formidable forms that follow business logic, and help you in receiving important business insights around the clock!

  • Add any type of response such as multiple-choice, drop-down list or free text
  • Mark questions mandatory or optional depending on importance and weightage
  • Capture or add photographs, annotations or digital signatures as proof
  • Import existing paper checklists and modify them with more responsiveness
  • Save checklists in advance and work offline

Manage Workflows

Bring your best hierarchy and workforce directly onto our application and follow business procedures as intended, but only a lot faster! Setup custom workflow paths between users and watch the tool trail it with ease!

  • Setup unlimited custom workflows for multiple activities
  • Choose from a wide array of users and their roles
    Easily manifest really complex workflows from offline to online
  • Follow the defined path, without missing a single activity
  • Monitor activity completion and find stalls or delays

Manage Non-Conformance

As business owners, it is our job to mitigate process risks and implement corrective measures to prevent similar events from recurring again. Let us simplify and promote timely reporting for you!
  • Identify, document, report, and resolve risks or non-conformities on the go
  • Take photographic evidence and detailed notes of observations
    Assign corrective actions and set deadlines in an instant, right from your phone
  • Track statuses, monitor deadlines, and set escalations for unresolved issues
  • Compare recurring issues, completion times, and filter as per the severity

Dynamic Reports

Why sit for long hours, working on manual reports, when they are generated automatically after each inspection? Get insightful and customized reports generated for you so that you can focus on analysis and action!
  • View smart scores, recurring failures & historical trends
    Select from a number of pre-set report formats or simply create your own report format easily
  • Add or limit data shown in reports to different roles in the organization
  • Bring authenticity by generating reports for your brand directly
    Share and distribute reports within the application or via email for clients

Specially Curated Data Analysis

Monitor all your projects, sites, stores or locations in a single screen. Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time data analytics dashboard and get visibility on your compliance, performance, and productivity.
  • Get your work data in the form of Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, Graphs and many other formats
  • Identify and compare recurring trends in data gathered by your inspectors
  • Get a list of best/worst performing projects, sites, stores or locations
    Easily export and share dashboard tiles which you prefer in excel format
  • Focus on fixing issues and continuous improvement, never looking back

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