Software for Auditors

Internal Audits are 100% Digital

From Planning & Scheduling to Executing Audits to Delivering Reports to Raising & Tracking Non Conformities to Closure!

It's Fully Digital

Key Features

Do your inspection on Smart Phones , Tablets or PC

Audit Planning

  • Plan and schedule your annual audits at ease. Assigned auditors are notified via push notifications.

Checklist Library

  • Manage all of an organization's audit checklists centrally in one repository.
Collaboration & Workflow
  • Auditors can collaborate together in a group during an audit. The entire audit is approved by superiors before they are closed

Raise Non-Conformities & Tasks

  • Define priority and criticality of a non-conformity and set a preferred deadline
Real time Tracking of Tasks & Non Conformities
  • Systematic and real-time tracking is made possible based on the status, priority and criticality.

Reminders and Escalations

  • Reminders are sent for tasks with upcoming deadlines. When deadlines are missed, the tasks are escalated and sent to superior

Auditee Portal & Auditee App

  • With the auditee portal, auditees can manage their tasks and non-conformities. When the tasks are completed, their status is updated within the portal

Deliver Professional Reports

  • Generate professional audit reports immediately

Dashboard and Analytics

  • Dashboard analytics provide you a complete performance transparency of your organization​


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